A slight bump up?

We haven’t seen anything like this since April 2008, early in the recession. The part of the population that the Bureau of Labor Statistics counts as employed actually increased by 0.164 percent. They are saying that for November 2009, 227,000 more people have jobs than in October. The comparable numbers in April 2008 were 0.160 percent and 234,000. The BLS manipulates even these numbers; Shadow Government Statistics dismisses “distortions from seasonal factors and revisions” and continues to show a steep rise in unemployment, to 21.8 percent.

A mere 65.00 percent of the noninstitutionalized population 16 years or older is counted in the labor force, lower than it has been in the annual data since 1985 (64.79 percent). The portion of the population employed, 58.50 percent is slightly up from 58.45 percent last month, which was the lowest since 1983 (57.88 percent).

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