Fractured states, fractured minds

True to form, U.S. President Barack Obama backed down from his demand for a complete halt to Israeli settlement building in the West Bank. So I’m going to show you two maps. Both are maps of states which are untenable because they lack territorial contiguity. The first is the initial partition plan for the creation of Israel and the second is a map of the West Bank today. Both are from Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site:

Israel has, since independence/nakba, gone from one extreme to the other. It began as a refuge for Jews convinced they would never find security in Europe following the Holocaust and now commits crimes against humanity against the Palestinians. It began with a territory that was unreasonably fractured; not only is it now whole on territory stolen from Palestinians, but expects Palestinians to accept a state which is even more unreasonably fractured than that which was initially offered to Israel.

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