Where are the people?

Day two of Earthdance at Lupin brought a lot more cars and a few more tents, but the restaurant–featuring meat dishes in an event with Buddhist overtones–was virtually empty except for a table of Lupin members who would likely have been here anyway and walking around the grounds, I was struck by the paucity of people at a $45 per day rate (including camping). Cindy (I don’t know her last name), who organized the event, seemed satisfied but I think Lupin bet more than the bank on this and lost.

The people who have come seem like very nice people and frankly, given the sentiments that this event appeals to, it is disappointing to have so few turn out.

But I am reminded again of a koan I read a long time ago in a book on Zen, to the effect that if the wrong man follows the right path, the path will follow the man and become wrong. I will check again later tonight, but I’m guessing that is what has happened here.

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