Well, it’s cold!

Just to be sure, I went up, one more time. The band I earlier said sounded good indeed had a few dancers–I’m guessing 25-30 people clustered in front of the stage on the lawn opposite the Lupin clubhouse. I wandered up to the upper lawn and saw a few more people dancing up there.

I should give them credit. After a blistering hot Indian Summer last weekend, it has cooled off considerably. I actually put on a jacket for this trip. Inspecting the pockets, I found paraphernalia from when I drove cab for Luxor in San Francisco. The last time I drove for Luxor was in 1999.

I wandered through the restaurant; it appeared there was a steady stream of business for drinks (and possibly light meals). The man behind the counter, who has lived at Lupin for probably at least a decade, a good guy with a great sense of humor, said, “It’s crazy.” I laughed.

There were a few people inside the restaurant, taking refuge from the cold, but if there are a lot of people here, they’re huddling in their sleeping bags or in their RVs.

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