Earthdance at Lupin

It turns out that something called Earthdance is happening this weekend at a number of locations around the world, but of course the way I find out about it is that one of those locations is Lupin. The music is great and they have what appears to be a very expensive line up of bands and DJs, for whom very few people have shown up.

I’ve been pessimistic about the future of Lupin for a while now. The owner’s wife, Lori Kay Stout, who has been in charge since a protracted firing of Ed Dennis, sees walking wads of money instead of human beings. She treats staff abysmally and so customer service has suffered. The disappearance of members, in combination with a visit from Sheriff’s deputies at the August Burning Man party that scared many attendees away, has meant that Lupin has had only one good month this year. Lupin has been barely getting by with three good months (in summer) and a couple more mediocre months out of each year. While I can’t claim its demise–which I have expected to happen within two years since about June this year–was a factor in my decision to buy land, that this event may flop could precipitate a quicker end than I anticipated.

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