But how is Wright wrong?

Following Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s latest remarks, Barack Obama was visibly angry and has denounced Wright, saying, “The person I saw yesterday was not the person that I met 20 years ago.”

Wright relies on speculation when he blames the US Government for HIV, but to argue that the 9/11 attacks are not a consequence of US foreign policy is to bury one’s head in the sand; as Wright (and I think, Ward Churchill) put it, “the chickens came home to roost.” And to in any way minimize the plight of poor African-Americans, as Obama would now apparently prefer, is to ignore vast discrepancies in education, health care, the criminal justice system, and economic opportunity.

If Obama truly rejects Wright’s remarks, he should refute them, claim by claim. And if he cannot do this, then he is simply pandering to white bigots. What I need to hear from Obama is an answer to this question: In the language of Malcolm X, are you a house negro or a field negro?

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