Truckers strike for all of us

If you grumble as the price of gasoline approaches $4.00 per gallon (or exceeds that price for some grades at some stations), imagine what it must be like for those who make their living driving for a living.

Truck drivers have gone on strike:

More importantly, the activist truckers understand their protest to be part of a larger effort to “take back America,” as one put it to me. “We continue to maintain this is not just about us,” JB — which is his CB handle and stands for the “Jake Brake” on large rigs — told me from a rest stop in Virginia on his way to Florida. “It’s about everybody — the homeowners, the construction workers, the elderly people who can’t afford their heating bills… This is not the action of the truck drivers, but of the people.” Hayden mentions his parents, ages and 81 and 76, who’ve fought the Maine winter on a fixed income. Missouri-based driver Dan Little sees stores shutting down in his little town of Carrollton. “We’re Americans,” he tells me, “We built this country, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to lie down and take this.”

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