Pot calls Kettle black: Rice accuses Kremlin of concentrated power

In what must surely be one of the more ironic Bush administration claims, “US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has voiced concern about Russia’s direction by saying too much power is concentrated within the Kremlin.”

What this all really seems to be about is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s objections to U.S. plans to install an “anti-missile shield” in the Czech Republic, supposedly to guard against Iranian attack. The Bush administration has ignored Putin’s suggestion that it should be located closer to Iran and protect all of Europe rather than just a portion outside Russia. But because Rice’s answer is to Putin’s idea is inadequate, Rice complains about anything she thinks she can make stick.

And while Putin is hardly an example of democratic leadership, Bush administration crimes against humanity and moves to consolidate power in the executive branch, abrogate civil liberties, and broaden U.S. hegemony aren’t very democratic either.

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