Yeah, yeah, I told you so.

Yeah, I told you that all the huffing and puffing by the Democrats about ending the Iraq war was “safe,” that none of those votes mattered because they could appease their constituents with complete confidence that Bush would veto any bill that limited the war.

And sure enough, when the Democrats on Capitol Hill capitulated this week, probably a few were surprised anyway. But Larry Chin writes, “In refusing to definitively corner a scandalized Bush administration, the Democratic Party leadership has earned itself a tidal wave of rage, vitriol and disgust from Americans who harbor any illusions that the Democrats have any intention of ending the war, or ‘bringing the troops home’.”

While the Democrats have certainly earned that “tidal wave of rage, vitriol and disgust,” even from Americans who didn’t harbor any such illusions, there’s something else I’ve been saying for a while: The Democrats were and are collaborators. They supported the invasion, they supported the infringements of civil liberties, and they have, in general, sought to be as Republican as they could possibly be. Any move toward impeachment or war crime trials or anything of the sort should hold the entire political establishment accountable.

Chin writes:

The Republicans and Democrats are factions of the same criminal New World Order, funded by the same criminal interests, beholden to the same think tanks, foundations, corporations and military-intelligence-industrial interests, following the same geopolitical script, written by bipartisan consensus.

Given this reality, it is no surprise that the Democratic leadership has kept its promise to keep the impeachment of Bush and Cheney “off the table” and reach “across the aisle”. Consensus interests are at stake.

So yeah, I’m still voting a straight Peace and Freedom Party ticket next year.

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