Clinton proves mettle with Wal-Mart

“Sen. Clinton has made clear that Wal-Mart has an obligation to provide good health benefits and good wages to its workers. Wal-Mart workers should be able to unionize and bargain collectively,” says spokesman Howard Wolfson. But during her time on Wal-Mart’s Board of Directors, “She was not a dissenter,” said Donald G. Soderquist, Wal-Mart’s former chief operating officer and the board’s vice chairman during Clinton’s tenure. “She was a part of those decisions.”

This is the same “cautious” politician who has–until it became clear the United States was losing–supported the war on Iraq and apparently still supports the infringements on civil liberties that accompany Bush’s “war on terror.”

“Clinton assumed the role of loyalist reformer, making the case for measured change without rocking the boat,” says the article, pushing Wal-Mart to hire more female executives and more environmentally-friendly policies. Which surely helps explain why “present and former female employees of Wal-Mart or Sam’s Club . . . may have legal claims in a class action sex discrimination lawsuit against Wal-Mart.” It also surely explains how Wal-Mart and other big box retailers “are vacating their existing stores to build bigger outlets, leaving the landscape littered with dead malls, abandoned strip developments and empty big-box superstores. . . . According to the latest tally from Sprawl-Busters, an organization that helps communities fight superstore sprawl, the United States is home to 380 empty Wal-Mart stores.”

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