Curled on on the wrong lap

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who has clearly been a presidential poodle for too long, “railed against the ‘politically correct’ outlook that refused to acknowledge that the recent spate of gun and knife crime was linked to black youngsters.” For cover, he quoted an Uncle Tom preacher who reportedly asked him, “When are we going to start saying this is a problem among a section of the black community and not, for reasons of political correctness, pretend this is nothing to do with it?”

A bureaucrat at “the Commission for Racial Equality commented: ‘The Prime Minister is right – this is a serious problem and it isn’t going away. We shouldn’t be afraid to talk about this issue for fear of sounding prejudiced.'”

So, okay, all you politically incorrect and proud of it upper class white people, when’re you going to do something about white collar crime?

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