If at first you don’t succeed…

According to a report in the Independent:

Without revealing its evidence, the US has accused Syria and Iran of trying to topple the Lebanese government and warned the two countries to keep their “hands off”. It has also accused Hizbollah of being involved in efforts to bring about the collapse of the elected government.

I had suspected the Israeli invasion of Lebanon was a ploy for a wider war involving Syria and Iran. I saw rumblings that neoconservatives wanted war with Iran sooner rather than later on the presumption that Iran was indeed developing nuclear weapons. But the invasion didn’t go well; reports emerged that the Israeli forces were unable even to recover their own bodies. When Secretary of State Rice was dispatched to broker a peace deal (which was ultimately brokered by someone else), I suspected she could not succeed and that any violation of any deal reached would serve as a pretext for this wider war. Israel got humiliated and has taken the brunt of accusations of violations of the deal. Obviously, it’s time for another game plan.

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