Web server down again

An old, tiny disk drive which held the root file system on my web server (earth.cybernude.org) started producing errors, and crashing the system. So I replaced the disk drive. Unfortunately, this means I have to reinstall FreeBSD, something I really don’t have time for, right now.

And of course the fact that I really don’t have time for this means it is being truly troublesome. The FreeBSD version 6.1 installation is, I swear, the worst I’ve seen. Superficially, it appears like the old one. But it won’t recognize that you might have, say, /usr and /usr/local in separate partitions. And it insists that the root partition be huge, but won’t tell you how large it really needs to be (hint: 32GB wasn’t large enough for me, and no, I’m not installing X). So of course, you really have no idea how huge. And it really doesn’t seem to want to install the boot loader.

So several hours later, I’m trying to install it for about the fifth time. Those who know me, know I’m thinking lethal thoughts.

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