“Iraq is in a Weimar period like Germany in the 1920s”

Iraqi Shias are retaliating against Sunnis for the destruction of the Golden Mosque in Samarra. “[U]p to 60 Sunni mosques were attacked and scores of people were killed or injured.” The article expresses fears that the outcome will either be an authoritarian regime or civil war.

So the question for President Bush now is, is regime change like a row of dominoes? When does it stop? And how do you determine what kind of government will prevail in a nation whose people simply want you to leave?

Author: benfell

David Benfell holds a Ph.D. in Human Science from Saybrook University. He earned a M.A. in Speech Communication from CSU East Bay in 2009 and has studied at California Institute of Integral Studies. He is an anarchist, a vegetarian ecofeminist, a naturist, and a Taoist.

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