Bush flunks on science (yawn)

Okay, we already know about Bush’s attitude towards not just science, but empirical data of any kind which conflicts with his ideology.

“It’s disturbing,” Professor [Neal] Lane [at Rice University] told me. “This is the first time to the best of my knowledge through successive Republican and Democratic administrations, that the issue of scientific integrity has reared its head.”

What is a little bit new is the BBC carrying an article on the “furious bewilderment here in the universities and the higher levels of business at the chilly indifference – not to say hostility – of the Bush White House to science.” The article emphasizes that it isn’t just liberals and Democrats saying this:

Russell Train, an administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under Republican Presidents Nixon and Ford . . . says: “How radically we have moved away from regulation based on professional analysis of scientific data …to regulation controlled by the White House and driven by political considerations.”

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