Lecturing Islamic religious leaders

Did anyone tell the Pope he should stop the Irish Republican Army terrorists when they were active? Yet the Pope has lectured Muslim leaders on their “duty to help defeat terrorism and act as a bulwark against the ‘wave of cruel fanaticism’ that threatens all religions.”

It is becoming quite a fad. We say we will refrain from hating Islam, while continuing to persecute Muslims; of most recent note were reports that infants were being detained by airport security, because their names matched those on the “no fly” list. Then we lecture their religious leaders, many of whom have already issued fatwahs denouncing terrorism, that they should restrain their flock. But how many of these leaders truly are heard and respected by those who would commit terror? And if, as seems likely, these leaders should fail to persuade terrorists to stop, will we then condemn Islam as hopelessly inseparable from terrorism?

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