“The economy is good, but people don’t believe it”

The Washington Post plays cheerleader while admitting the polls show people just don’t buy the conservative claim that the economy is good.

“I feel the economy is just not as good as it should be,” said Adam Judis, 40, a Pasadena, Calif., computer consultant and political independent. “We’re spending too many lives, resources and money on Iraq. There has to be a point where we say we can’t help everybody. We need to help ourselves.”

Apparently, the people just aren’t satisfied with the fact that “[a]verage hourly wages for most workers rose 6 cents in July,” and that the “unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent” of those counted as being in the work force, i.e. not counting “discouraged workers.” Such ingrates. After all, the economy is doing just fine if you’re rich. And it’s your own damned fault if you aren’t rich, so quit complaining, right?

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