France rejects EU constitution

(Updated) “French voters delivered a stunning blow to the European Union and their own political establishment yesterday, rejecting the EU constitution by a 10-point margin in a referendum that also inflicted humiliation on President Chirac,” according to the Times. “[C]ampaigners of both Left and Right hailed what they called a popular revolt against both an undemocratic EU and an out-of-touch Government.” It’s bad enough that the constitution ” needs to be ratified by all 25 members states” but France and Germany are the two nations which have been most visible in supporting European integration–and France has rejected it, resoundingly. “The rejection ensured a grim final two years in office for M Chirac, President since 1995. It was he who had proposed the constitution to Europe and ensured that it carried a French stamp. No French President has lost a referendum since 1969 when Charles de Gaulle resigned after voters rejected a minor reform.”

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