Bomb attacks increase in Iraq?

According to a story by Patrick Cockburn in the Independent, “there were 15,527 attacks on coalition forces, largely American, from July 2004 to late March 2005. Some 2,404 attacks took place in Baghdad from 1 November to 12 March.” Both these timeframes include the run up to the election held at the end of January, and the Bush Administration has been hoping that the election–and the formation of a government since–would improve matters. However, “[t]he bombings in the past week underline that the insurgents have lost none of their ability to carry out attacks, almost always without regard for civilian casualties, all over Iraq. In the three months since the elections on 30 January there was a drop in American losses which led to official optimism that the guerrilla war was on the wane.” Supposedly, the insurgents are seeking “direct talks with the US, a timetable for the withdrawal of American forces and the right to rebuild the Baath party.”

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