Mac OS X 10.4

[Updated] So I have Tiger. I encountered some difficulties: My laptop’s SuperDrive is dead, so I tried installing it from an external DVD reader; the PowerBook would not boot off the external DVD. I then moved the cord from the DVD reader over to my iMac, and the installer got far enough that my old system was unrecoverable, but not far enough to complete the installation. So moving the disc into the iMac’s drive, I now have a fresh Tiger on my iMac.

Some friends are going to miss out on some TV shows I was saving for them, and I lost an episode of Masterpiece Theater (so now I won’t be able to stand to watch the rest of the series Island at War), but that’s the only real data loss. I keep all my information on my laptop and use the iMac to handle the home front, particularly while I’m away, dealing with Faxes, etc. It seems like it will do all this better, but I’m still setting things up.

And I will need to upgrade the PowerBook, but that means fixing the SuperDrive, which will put me out of a bunch of money I don’t have at the moment and out of my laptop — which I rely on for everything — for a couple days. Fortunately, a taxi license has finally come through, so I’ll at least — hopefully — have some income, after being completely unemployed since January. But this will enable all those cool features — as advertised.

The biggest downside seems to be that tor doesn’t seem to work; privoxy returns an error indicating that DNS lookups fail. Setting up Automator workflows can be irritating when tasks don’t want to be inserted where you mean to put them. Otherwise, it all seems to work.

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