Islamic dress code applied to photography at Arizona high school

“Cover with Pride…”
Someone seems to have gotten a little hysterical about some photos at an Arizona High School. “At least one had been on display for two years.” But now, a photography teacher has been suspended, pictures have been taken down, and students are unclear on what photos they can use for a final exam.

Tucson High is known for its fine arts program and uses it to draw students to its campus at 400 N. Second Ave. Graduates from [Jerry] Halfmann’s program have gone on to work for major advertising agencies, at museums as curators and as photojournalists.

“The students and our pictures are being censored,” [Senior Ashley] Barreda said. “I can’t even put a portfolio out right now because all of my pictures have been deemed inappropriate. It’s really hard when you’re trying to take pictures of things and you have to look at every single picture and say, ‘OK is someone going to take this away from me?’ ”

She has three weeks to come up with a portfolio, which consists of 15 prints and serves as her final exam.

“Photography students at Tucson High Magnet School can no longer take pictures of people not conforming to the school’s dress code.” That means, “No spaghetti-straps or tube tops. No leotards. No swimsuits. No short skirts, dresses or shorts.”

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