Nuking the Senate

From Planned Parenthood:

We are already in the midst of a major legislative battle that will affect the social tenor of our country for generations to come – the battle to protect our courts.  And we urgently need your help.   

The problem?  Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) is threatening to change the long-standing rules of the Senate to keep moderate senators from exercising the only tool they have left, the filibuster, to prevent the worst of President Bush’s judicial nominees from securing lifetime seats on the federal courts.   This radical measure has become known as the “nuclear option” because of the drastic effect it would have on senate rules. 

The solution?  Planned Parenthood is urging senators to oppose this radical measure and to vote against the “nuclear option.” 
You can help by writing your senator now.

Two more ways to take action>>

1)  Send a letter to your senator to stop Congress from going nuclear!

2)  Call your senators during our national call-in days, April 6-7, at 866-808-0065 and encourage them to oppose the nuclear option.

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