USS Augusta Ada March Meeting announced

The meeting this month is on Saturday, the 26th, at 1:00 pm at the Round Table Pizza on the northeast corner of 16th Avenue and Geary in San Francisco.

We still have amendment 13 carried over from previous months’ agendas. Heather is due to offer an alternate version; please offer any suggestions you have for resolving this problem to her. The amendment will set a new policy for officer commissioning.

The following is only an agenda outline:

1) Starfleet business

    a) USS Augusta Ada

      Membership count
      Amendment 13

    b) Region 4
    c) Starfleet

2) Crew Announcements
3) Away Mission reports/Treknese in Everyday Life
4) Star Trek/Science Fiction

    a) Upcoming Conventions
    b) Other news/discussion

5) Sciences
6) Technology

    a) Upcoming Conventions/User Group meetings
    b) Demonstrations/Presentations
    c) Other news/discussion

7) Unscheduled Business

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