They will never let her die

Evangelical Protestants may have failed to get the courts and the Florida Legislature to intervene in the long running saga of Terry Schiavo, a woman diagnosed as being in a “persistent vegetative state” who has virtually no hope for recovery, but Congress has ridden to her non-rescue.

According to the BBC, “Congress intervened on Friday by issuing subpoenas ordering Mr and Mrs Schiavo to testify later this month. Senate Majority leader Bill Frist said in a statement the move was intended to keep her alive.”

Accordingly, one judge ordered that Schiavo’s feeding tube, due to be removed today at 1 pm, Eastern, should not be removed. The presiding judge subsequently ruled that the tube should be removed regardless.

    “This [was] clearly an effort to circumvent a lawful court order by a state judge,” Howard Simon of the American Civil Liberties Union said, the Associated Press reported.

So the tube has now, at last, been removed. We’ll see if this story is finally over. “‘I have had no cogent reason why the (congressional) committee should intervene,’ [Judge George] Greer told attorneys in a conference call, adding that last-minute action by Congress does not invalidate years of court rulings.”

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