Schindlers’ thugs

Some supporters of the Schindlers’ efforts to keep Terri Schiavo, in a persistent vegetative state and disconnected from a feeding tube a week ago, are giving out home addresses of Judge George Greer, whose ruling that the feeding tube should be disconnected has now been upheld in both state and federal courts, Florida senators who voted against legislation to reconnect the feeding tube, and Michael Schiavo, who has, for seven years, fought to have his wife’s tube disconnected.

A former leader of Operation Rescue, Rev. Pat Mahoney, a Presbyterian minister and the head of the Washington-based Christian Defense Coalition, claims to be unaware of any threats made against anyone, saying, “Some people might be compelled to pray in front of [Greer’s] house.” Prayer can take strange forms.

    “One person told me they hoped I died from cancer. Another said my family members should rot in hell,” [Nancy] Argenziano, one of nine Florida Republican Senators to vote against legislation to re-insert the feeding tube, said. “They are the most awful, venomous, un-Christian things you have ever heard.”

Indeed. It seems they turn now even against themselves: “‘[Florida Governor Jeb Bush] raised the family’s hopes but he still hasn’t acted,’ said a furious Randall Terry, [founder of Operation Rescue] and a spokesman for Schiavo supporters outside the Pinellas Park hospice where Schiavo is dying. ‘This, in our opinion, is reprehensible.'” But Bush has apparently continued to press for legislation rejected by the Florida Senate, specifically blaming those nine Republicans in the state Senate. “‘You get some of these people excited and they kill people. You can hear it in their tone. It’s been proven in the past,’ Argenziano said, referring to past abortion clinic bombings and shootings.”

    “I promise you that if she dies, there’s going to be hell to pay with pro-life, pro-family Republicans who have used pro-life, pro-family conservative rhetoric to get into power and then when they get into power, refuse to use it,” said Randall Terry, who founded the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue. “You can bet there will be people who just might lose their jobs after this is over.”

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